Mario Minardi

I love to play the drums!!! I’ve had the opportunity to play with so many great bands, artists, and countless musicians over the years. When I officially left professional music, I began a journey that led to personal healing, maturity, and wholeness . . . something that was impossible for me to do while living the rock and roll “dream.” The journey began with an invitation from God to believe all that He has revealed about Himself in the Bible, and in the person of Jesus Christ. The basic thing I absolutely needed to get straight was the reality of God . . . period.

Part of this journey led me to work with juvenile delinquent kids for a few years. Another leg of the journey was teaching high school for five years. For the past thirteen years I’ve been a full-time music / worship leader at Twin Oaks Church in San Jose, California, helping people connect with God through music.

The consistent thread through the years has been an unquenchable desire to create music . . . rhythms that move, inspire, and entertain people, and collaborating with other musical artists to create arrangements and songs.

I am at the place in my journey where all my desires and indicators are pointing me to use the well of rhythms, passion, experience, and skills developed over the years to collaborate with a group of gifted artists to create, record, and perform music that will deeply move and inspire people.