Gabriel Perez

Gabriel Perez graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School, under the direction of Mr. Craig Mckenzie and has studied under many private teachers including, Mark Pallozollo(Guitar), Naoki Taniguchi,(Bari and Alto Sax), and Aaron Lington(Bari Sax). Under them he learned how to play many different genres of music including but not limited to: Jazz, Contemporary Worship, and many different Latin styles.

Gabriel has played and competed in the Reno Jazz Festival, and placed in 2nd with the West Valley Jazz Band. He has played contemporary worship music for four years.  He currently plays with Cathedral of Faith:Morgan Hill and is the former band director for Catedral De Fe.

In addition to performing Jazz and Worship, Gabriel played for four years in the Lincoln HS Symphonic Band, and Concert Band and has performed with the West Valley Symphonic Band for three years. He is transferring to San Jose State to major in Music Education.